Welcome to Eagle Construction and Roofing

Welcome to Eagle Construction and Roofing

When I was growing up in Texas, my dad would say that the eagle flies on Friday.  I never knew what he meant until I got my first job. He was referring to payday. When you get paid for work that you have done.  So it was only natural for me to name my construction company “Eagle Construction and Roofing” because we love our work and we love it when our clients pay us because they love the work that we have done too.

We are a premier supplier of all things needed for siding repair, roofing and construction company in Illinois.  We can handle both residential and commercial roofing projects.


At Eagle Construction and Roofing Supplies, we are committed to learning about and offering the best materials to make your next construction project a success.

Check back often to learn what’s new in the industry and to get a great deal on equipment and supplies.

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